Relaxation Massage: 5 Ways to Get One

Massage is not just a rite for people who have too much money. It is for everyone who desires to have a healthy and long life. Everyone deserves a relaxation massage.

Getting a relaxation massage is more than just the usual lying down to get pampered by a massage therapist. Sometimes the “right” kind of environment and time seems to elude us. As a result we get to procrastinate again and again until we put getting massaged aside for longer than we should.

There are actually 5 ways you can enjoy a massage. This is no matter how busy you are. Let us study each of them.

Feet Reflexology

The beautiful thing about getting massage on your feet is that it is pretty much like getting a full body massage. Why? Because experts have indicated a connection between the feet and every other parts of the body. For instance, massaging the big toe has huge medical benefits for the cerebrum, nose, cerebellum, brain stem and trigeminal nerve. Feet massage has medical benefits that help every part of the body. You can have this on your office desk.

Back Massage

Back massage is very therapeutic. You can lie down on the floor and get a quick back massage. The back takes so much stress. From sitting down in the office for long hours to times spent in traffic. So, it will be nice to sometimes just get a quick back massage. Your spouse can help with this. You can ask little kids to stand on your back and knead away with their feet while having fun. After all, who says you can’t catch fun while getting a relaxation massage.

Office Chair Massage

You can request for an office chair massage for yourself and your staff. It is simple. offers the service to a number of corporate organizations at a very affordable price. It involves getting a massage on the shoulders, neck, back and the tail bone. It might not be a full body massage, but it sure helps you and those who work with you relieve stress and push up productivity.

Full Body Massage

As soon as you have enough time, it is cool to get a full body massage. Most of our clients prefer this to be either 60 minutes and others, 90 minutes. It is highly therapeutic and relaxing. It can either be swedish, deep tissue or aromatherapy. has massage therapists all over Lagos who can get to clients’ locations in one hour. Click here to book a massage session.

Self Massage

If you are too busy to get a massage, it is important that you give yourself a massage. What!!! Yeah, that’s right. Learn to give yourself a nice little relaxation massage every now and then. You can start with a head and waist massage. Also learn how to give yourself feet massage. The benefits, as we have seen above, are so much. Yes, your hand will not be able to give you a good back massage, but doing is better not trying at all.

So there they are! Always ensure you are getting a massage no matter how busy you are!

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