90 Minutes Full Body Massage Therapy


Our 90 minutes full body massage therapy is designed for clients who want more. It is understandable that many clients usually ask if they can get another 30 minutes after a 60 minutes massage. The reason for this request is mostly because they have enjoyed the first 60 minutes massage and do not want it to stop! But we don’t want that! This is because we don’t want you to start discussing price and other details. Just book for 90 minutes the first time and prolong your enjoyment.



Massages are highly enjoyable. This is especially if the service is being provided by a very good massage therapist. Since Kazmani massage therapists are very good at what they do, clients always enjoy their sessions. As a result of this, people usually request more time when the time for their massage session is running out.

Bearing this in mind, why not book for a 9o minutes session. That is 30 minutes over the regular 60 minutes massage session. We guarantee that it will be worth your investment of time and money.

Our 90 minutes full-body massage session is designed to help clients not only relieve pain and stress, but it is also a rejuvenating experience that will leave you highly refreshed!