1 Hour Full Body Massage


NOTE: Prices may vary based on location.

Life is hectic. You need a home service massage to reduce your stress levels and unwind for better productivity on your job and/or business. You can use this one-hour full body massage in your home, office, or hotel room.

You can have any of the following

1. 1 hour Swedish Massage,
2. 1 hour Deep Tissue Massage,
3. 1-hour Shiatsu Massage,
4. 1 hour Thai Massage,
5. 1-hour Aromatherapy Massage
6. 1-hour relaxation massage which will include a blend of 2 or 3 of the above.


full body massage

What’s in a full body massage? How does it work?

We spend money on our cars. We like to make them look neat and nice. But when it comes to the body, we tend to want to compromise.┬áDo you know that regular full-body massage can lead to better health and hence a better life? After all, as it’s widely said, “health is wealth”.

How this full body massage package works.

  1. Request for us to send you a male or female massage therapist.
  2. Send us your address (this can be your home, office, or your hotel room).
  3. The massage therapist comes to your location,
  4. You get the massage.

It is actually as simple as that!!!

Is it for only 1 hour?

You can have our full body massage for as long as you are willing to have it. We have clients who like to have two hours of massage. We have those who like to have it for 90 minutes. It depends on you. But we do NOT go to any location for just a 30 minutes massage. You won’t even like that!