Couple Massage: 2 Hour Wedding De-Stress Gift


Weddings are beautiful and exciting. But they are also energy consuming. In addition to that, weddings are highly stressful.

Kazmani Wedding De-Stress Massage is designed to help marrying couples. The packages will help them survive and manage all the stress that is associated with the build up to and with the day itself. The massage is divided into 3 packages;

  1. Pre-Wedding Day Massage Package
  2. Wedding Day De-Stressing Package
  3. Post Wedding Day De-Stressing Package

These packages can involve both the bride and the groom having the massages at the same time together in the same location. Or they can decide to have it at different times.

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Having a couple massage can provide relief from wedding stress

Imagine how much stress it takes to plan a wedding. Every wedding still gets to take a toll on the bodies and health of the bride and groom even when it is planned by a very good Event Planner. As a result, Kazmani has designed the couple massage Wedding De-Stress Packages for those on the verge of walking down the aisle.

You can get any of these packages as a perfect wedding gift for your loved ones. Or for yourself. Although we take thirteen thousand naira per hour for our full body massages, these packages offers a huge discount. Consequently, you get to pay just twenty thousand naira only instead of twenty six thousand naira for a couple session!

Our recommendation

We suggest you enjoy these massages together. The reasons for this recommendation are many. However, the most important reason is the fact that you will bond more as you enjoy a pamper together. But we understand that both of you might not be in the same location (city or country) prior to your wedding. For cases like this, you can have the massages at different times. Nonetheless, you should also get a massage together on the evening of your wedding or on the following morning.

The therapists for couple massage

We have many therapists all over the city. Many times, when a man needs a massage, he would ask for a female therapist. But when a lady needs a massage, she would usually opt for a male therapist. However, for a couple massage, both parties have to ask for what is agreeable to them.

See some options below.

  1. We can send you a massage therapist to give you 1 hour full body massage in turns.
  2. We can send you two massage therapists to give you 1 hour full body massage simultaneously.
  3. You can have one female massage therapist.
  4. You can have one male massage therapist.
  5. You can have two female massage therapists.
  6. You can have one male and one female massage therapist.