Massage Therapy Training in Lagos

Looking for Massage Therapy Training in Lagos? Read on.

As Nigeria’s Number 1 Premium Home Service Massage firm, many therapists, both old and wanabe, have asked to be trained by our inhouse tutors. We have decided to start a massage therapy training academy after giving this much thought.

If you are interested in getting Massage Therapy Training, you have come to the best place. We consider ours the best programme you can find in this part of the continent because of our many years of interacting with players in the industry. Those we have trained are miles apart from others.

Why our massage therapy training is the best

Having conducted interviews through which we interacted with over 200 applicants, we have concluded that something might just be wrong with the massage therapy education in our country. Many of these applicants have up to 10 years massage experience and yet do NOT have any theoretical knowledge about massage therapy. For instance, they cannot provide a scientific answer if you ask them why they make certain strokes during a massage session.

In our bid to save the profession, we have decided to hold periodic trainings. The trainings are for those who have a passion for care-giving via massage.

Benefits of Our Massage Therapy Training

  1. The trainings are scientifically oriented.
  2. You will be more confident if you train with us.
  3. The training is punctuated with many practical sessions.
  4. The training is facilitated by industry experts who have 100s of hours of experience.
  5. A certificate that demonstrates that you have received prerequisite education from the best will be awarded.
  6. You will make more money. Do you know that we employ almost everyone we train? The fast rate at which our clientele grows ensures that.

Fill the form below to register for our Massage Therapy Training. Alternatively, you can decide to Call/SMS/WhatsApp 08126183656.


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