Massage Therapists: How to Avoid Fake Ones in Lagos

If there are counterfeits in any thing, it is an indication that the real exists. There are so many fake massage therapists today. How do you avoid the fake ones?

There are fake police officers in every society. There are fake medical doctors. Also, there are fake schools, products, and teachers. We have also heard people even talk about fake friends. If you will find fakes in all these categories, then be rest assured that you will find fake massage therapists. The pathetic thing about this is that many times, you will not know that you are dealing with a fake massage therapist until after the massage.

The conversation we had with a client who was disappointed by a fake massage therapist proves the fact that it is usually difficult to differentiate until the service begins.

The conversation

Client: Hello. I want to inquire about mobile massage service in victoria island
Kazmani Customer Service: Sure. It’s very late now. Would you like the massage tomorrow

Client: I would only if its a good quality massage. I had one today but it was so bad i had to end it half way.
Our Customer Service: Wow!!! Sorry. We are the best in town. Different pilot friends have said that.

Client: I sure you are. Thats what they all say. But when its time to deliver its just about trying to jerk off the client. Its not about sex always. Its the whole experience
Our Customer Service: We don’t jerk off clients. Purely massage.

Client: [Instead of a good massage] what i got was a bruised body and a shattered vision.

Client: Sorry i gave you a tough time. I guess i was disappointed and unloaded on you. I am visiting nigeria for 5 days and thoight a massage would be a nice way to relax on the weekend.
Kazmani Customer Service: Sorry about your experience. So many people have hijacked the profession. Prostitutes, pimps,… name it.

Client: I know. This woman had bad bad body odor and no idea what is a massage
Client: You dont have to be sorry. I got what i bargained for.

massage therapist: conversation with a client

Obviously, this man wanted to have a great time during his visit to Nigeria and ended up having a very bad experience because he didn’t know that there were fake massage therapists in Nigeria as well as there are in other countries.

How to avoid fake massage therapists

The best way to avoid massage therapists that are less than professional is to NOT deal with random people from the internet. Seriously, it is just best to click this link for massage therapists –> book for massage.

Have you ever had a bad massage experience? Kindly share the experience with us in the comments section below.

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