stress management corporate massage

Are you an HR Manager or Director who would like to boost productivity amongst your staff? Then our Corporate Massage service is designed to help you with that.

Corporate Massage to Kick out Stress

Stress is one of the most potent inhibitors of high performance. Therefore, it is important to have a system through which stress is constantly kept at bay. As you may already know, massage is the healthiest and most effective way of getting rid of or managing stress.

Corporate Massage Plans

We have 2 corporate massage plans we think you might be interested in.

1. Office Chair Massage: This is designed for corporate organizations that are interested in optimizing staff performance via in-office stress-relief massages. This means your staff will get neck, shoulder, back and waist massages once or twice a month. The beginning and middle of the month is usually an ideal time.

2. Full Body Massage: This is designed for the management staff of the organization. While the one above is usually done in the client’s offices, this one is usually at the staff’s location – home or hotel.

For more details about this and the pricing, kindly call us on 08140452514 or click here.