7 Top Feet Massage Benefits That Leaves You Vitalized

Are you too busy to get a full body massage? You can also enjoy feet massage benefits.

Having a feet massage is not something many people look forward to. They would rather have a full body massage or nothing else. But people are becoming increasingly too busy to find time to get a full body massage for 60 to 90 minutes. Or so they think. Consequently, many people at their best are only able to commit to having one massage in two months. If only they knew the many feet massage benefits.

Feet massage is something you should consider having often. Even though it is better for you to let go and dose off during a feet massage, you can just decide to get some work done on your laptop or examine some files during the massage. After all, you can have it sitting down. This is also one of the feet massage benefits apart from the ones we shall discuss below.

1. Eye sight.

Do you know that getting a regular feet massage can help to improve eyesight? That sounds funny, right? But its true! The base of the 3 middle fingers of the feet have trigger points that are believed to be connected to the eyes. So, getting a feet massage can greatly contribute to more relaxed eyes and that is probably why people feel drowsy during a massage.

2. Helps to manage sinusitis

According to biology, sinuses are bony cavities that are filled with air inside the human face and skull. An infection of these cavities may be referred to as sinusitis. A feet massage can contribute to getting relief from the condition. Regular feet massage can even almost cure it alongside some lifestyle adjustment.

3. Stress Relief

Yes, the top 7 feet massage benefits also include the famous stress relief benefit. Getting a feet massage can greatly reduce stress. It can clear the mind and provide rejuvenation for the body. This alone can get a person recharged for better performance on their job or business.

4. Aids Digestion

The middle of the feet has pressure points that are believed to be connected to the kidney, small intestine, duodenum, stomach, pancreas, spleen, liver and gall bladder. Regular feet massage will help someone who has issues with digestion. So instead of takng pills the next time you are plagued by indigestion, simply get a feet massage.

5. Cures Insomnia

This is the favorite part for people who get regular massages. If you have difficulty sleeping, get your feet massaged if you cannot get a full body massage. Everyone knows that getting a massage aids in better flow of blood around the body. This and stress relief brings a sweet balance and calmness to the body that guarantees sleep when needed.

6. Relief to Feet & Ankle Injuries

This goes without saying. The feet and ankles take a lot of stress. Many things happen to the feet and ankles while we walk. Your feet and ankles will love a regular feet massage if you jog. Feet massage will aid better blood flow around the ankles, thereby creating a better avenue for toxins to be transported away from the area.

7. Bonding

If you have a spouse or partner, it will be nice to exchange feet massages with the person. Apart from all benefits you get from the massages, it is also a great opportunity to bond with your partner. These times help to breed trust and if if you are ticklish on the feet, make both parties have good laughs.

How often should you get a feet massage?

You should get a feet massage as often as you can. The feet are pretty tough and therefore do not need any special personnel to get massaged. That is unless what you actually want is feet reflexologist. For this, you require a trained massage therapist.

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